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Whoever you are, wherever you are, you are welcome at Neighborhood. When you visit on a weekend, it’s important to us that you feel right at home, right away. We hope you will find a place here to ask questions and find what you are looking for.

Take a look around our website and see what we are all about. Watch a recent teaching, download our mobile app, or contact a staff member.

Join us on a weekend, pick a service time that works best for you.

Sundays at 8:30am, 10am & 11:30am

Neighborhood Kids (birth – 6th grade)
Available at all service times.

The MIX (7th – 12th grade)
Wednesdays at 7pm

Who We Are

Explore the message, mission and vision behind everything we do and learn about our core beliefs.

A few tips for your first visit

  • Connector.

    Stop by the blue NEXT Tent when you get here. You can’t miss it. We’ve got a gift for you and we will point you in the right direction.

  • Connector.

    Arrive early, especially if you have kiddos that will need to be checked in. The Kids Check-In area is located directly behind the Church Office building.

  • Connector.

    The earlier you arrive, the better chance you will have at finding a great parking spot. Parking volunteers will be on-hand to guide you.

First-Time Visit FAQs

Nope. You will see people wearing shorts and flip flops sitting next to people wearing suits and dresses.
We are a church of about 1800 average weekend attendance. In a church of our size, it can be difficult to find community so we suggest you check out how you can Connect in a Group or stop by the NEXT Tent to meet some people!
Reaching the next generation is a key part to why Neighborhood exists. We have incredible environments on and off the weekends for kids and youth.

For kids, check out Neighborhood Kids.

For students, check out The Mix.

Our regular teaching team consists of Lead Pastor Forrest Jenan, Connections Pastor Bryan Muirhead and Missions Pastor Stephanie Bartsch. Occasionally, other pastors from inside and outside Neighborhood will speak.

First and foremost, our messages point toward Jesus. Everything that is taught has been surrounded with hours of prayer, study and discussion by a team of message contributors. With Jesus as the focal point and foundation, our messages are designed to provide real-life application and understanding of the Scriptures. We believe that knowing the Bible is important but ultimately, it’s submitting to a process of radical change that’s oriented around Jesus is what it vital.

You’re going to like the music. For the most part, it’s all newer, popular tunes from the worship genre, and mostly stuff you’ve heard on the radio. Our musicians are very talented and there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure that our weekend services are irresistible and distraction-free.
Most of our pastors and teachers use a TV on stage to help increase engagement with the audience. Since not everyone has a Bible with them on the weekend, it helps to put the Scriptures and important ideas on the screen so everyone can engage with what they are telling us.
Usually right around 65 minutes, give or take a few.
Yes. We take communion about once per month as a way of remembering and reflecting on what Christ has done for us.

How can I get involved?

There are four basic ways to engage at Neighborhood and we’ve made all of them very simple for you.

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