Our Message

Rules, rituals, religion … really? We think Jesus came to show us a different way, a better way.

Throughout history the Christian Church has often lost sight of the core message of Jesus. It’s not hard to see how this can happen. Whenever something really good comes along, people have a tendency to try and build around it, take advantage of it, own it, organize it, complicate it, systematize it, enshrine it. The problem is, before you know it, the very thing you once valued ends up totally obscured by all that other stuff. The focus then shifts from masterpiece to the museum.

At Neighborhood Church, we feel it’s time to bring Jesus to the front like a fine work of art on a plain white wall and strip away all of the distractions. We also think that when you see Jesus without the religious baggage put around him, you’ll find someone undeniably life-changing and worth following.

We believe everything written in the Bible points toward Jesus. It paints a clear picture of a revolutionary and radical who intended on turning our ways of thinking upside down and inside out. He wasn’t interested in creating a new religious system of dos and don’ts, wrongs and rights, rites and rules. Rather, he had a completely irreligious agenda. His message was that we can only find true peace and wholeness when we simply trust in Him and embrace a love-based relationship with God, others, and even our enemies.

He taught that God wanted this loving relationship so much that he, himself, became one of us – God in the flesh, Jesus – to drive the point home. During his life, Jesus didn’t exactly go easy with this radical, irreligious message. In fact, he pushed so hard that the powerful political and religious leaders of his time decided they had to get rid of him in order to shut him up and keep the status quo. We all know how that went down.

We believe that in order to truly see Jesus, grasp his message, and follow him, we need to reject the lens given to us by religion, even the Christian religion, and become a community who opens our Bibles regularly with fresh eyes and re-live the accounts of those who first followed Jesus.

Join us as we do our best to discover Jesus for who he truly is.

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