Our Mission & Values

Neighborhood Church exists to inspire people wherever they are
to live like Jesus wherever they go.

We work to realize this mission by creating relevant environments that are designed to inspire, challenge and equip people to prioritize three types of relationships:

  • Connector.

    A Transformative Relationship with Jesus

    • • What do I think Jesus sees when he looks at me?
    • • Am I making Jesus a priority?
    • • If you spent today with me, would you know I follow Jesus?

  • Connector.

    Authentic Relationships with People

    • • Do I live in a way that people see the real me?
    • • Are there people in my life who point me toward Jesus?
    • • Do I have any 2AM friends?
    • • Am I serving my Neighborhood Church family?

  • Connector.

    Intentional Relationships with your Neighbor & the World

    • • Am I close to someone far from God?
    • • What does my wallet and my schedule say about my priorities?
    • • Am I making someone’s life better?

As a church, we hold to five very specific values that guide, shape and uphold all of these efforts. Without these values, we believe our efforts quickly become unfocused.

  • Connector.


    We live in such a way that people see the real us.

    We share stories that are real, no matter how messy they are.
    We start conversations where no question is off limits.

  • Connector.


    We won’t let anything get in the way of relationship.

    We provide a place for people to belong even before they believe
    We build bridges with all people regardless of labels.

  • Connector.


    We partner with God to make the world better.

    We look for opportunities to join God at work in our city.
    We give generously of time and resources to benefit others.

  • Connector.


    We extend God’s love to people no matter what.

    We refuse to dispense shame as a way to motivate people.
    We will always default to grace over religion.

  • Connector.


    We submit to a process of radical change that orients our lives around Jesus.

    We teach the life of Jesus as the model for our lives.
    We design all of our environments to promote relationships that produce life change.