Upcoming Events & Classes

Jesus People Workshops

Personality & Growth Workshop

Saturday, July 15   •    8:30-11am   •    Neighborhood Church

Thriving Family Workshop

Monday, July 17   •    5:30-8pm   •    Neighborhood Church

Join us for these transformative workshops with author & speaker Mark Scandrette.


Jurassic World Summer Camp

July 17-21   •    5:30-8pm   •    Neighborhood Church

Face your fears this July at Jurassic World Summer Camp.

Jurassic World Camp is full
While we’d like to accommodate everyone, we limit the size of our camps. This is to ensure our kids have fun and remain safe during their camp experience.

Costa Rica Learning Trip

Info Meeting

Sunday, July 30   •    11:30am   •    Room 16 • Neighborhood Church

Learn more about our upcoming Learning Trip to Costa Rica.



Sunday, August 6   •    6:30pm   •    Neighborhood Church

Maybe you’ve come to Neighborhood Church a time or two and you haven’t quite connected. That’s okay. Navigating a new church can be difficult and confusing.


Baby Dedication

Orientation: Sunday, August 6   •    8:30 or 10am
Celebration: Sunday, August 13   •    2pm

Take some time at the beginning of your parenting journey to really think about and celebrate what will matter the most in the life of your child. Family and friends are invited to join in celebrating.