Get Involved

Sunday is just the beginning.

We believe that attending the church is just a part of what it is to be the church. There are 4 Ways to Engage beyond Sunday and we have made them simple for you.


Because circles are better than rows

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Serve on a team

Opportunities at Neighborhood and in our community.

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Give To The Mission

Partner with us in the work God is doing here

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Bring your friends, family and neighbors to Neighborhood

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Inspiring the Next Generation

Our environments for Kids & Students

Neighborhood Kids

for children from birth-6th grade

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The Mix

for students from 7th to 12th grade

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There are some simple decisions you can make that create the conditions for a Jesus-looking life. Learning to live like Jesus may not be simple but creating the right conditions is a pretty simple process.

– Forrest Jenan, Simple: Part 2