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Neighborhood Groups

Groups have one, simple purpose: to bring people together.

We believe God created us to live in community with others. Sharing life through community is part of our design, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find. That’s why groups exist — to make life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you.

Groups are where we live as family, eating, praying, and sharing life together. They are also where we partner with God to make our neighborhoods, workplaces, Visalia and our world better.

Life change doesn’t happen in rows of people on Sunday morning … but in circles of people throughout the week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join a small group?

We believe in the power of small groups to impact your life, the lives of those around you, and even our community as a whole. We believe you can only go so far on your own — God designed us to be connected to each other so that we can continue to grow in every facet of our lives.

Where do Groups meet?

Groups meet in homes, restaurants, and coffee shops all around Visalia and Tulare. We can help you find a Group near you based on your location.

What types of groups are there?

The main categories for groups are Couples, Women’s, Men’s, Young Adults and Adults Over 50. The categories are broken down by location, meeting day and time.

When can I join a group?

The Small Group Finder is open for a few weeks before each new semester starts and for a few weeks after the semester begins to allow everyone a chance to join a group. The Small Group Finder is closed during the duration of each semester to allow groups to become established and build relationship with a consistent group of people.

How often do Groups meet?

Groups meet on different days and times throughout the week. Some choose to meet every week, bi-weekly, or once a month.

What will my Group study?

Most Groups follow along with our weekly teaching series. Some Groups may decide to use their own study.

Is childcare provided?

Not all Groups offer childcare, but there are options available. Make sure to let us know if you would like to join a group with childcare. Some groups will have participants share responsibility in watching the children, split the cost for a sitter, or make other arrangements.

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