What is The MIX?

The MIX is the student movement of Neighborhood Church in Visalia, CA. Our vision is to inspire students wherever they to live like Jesus. We have regular environments where this takes place.

The MIX is another word for what the Kingdom of God is all about! It has people of different races, genders, ages, economic statuses, and so much more! To us, it’s our differences that the world tells us don’t MIX. But our belief is that no matter what the differences are, we can share one goal together: inspiring students wherever they are to live like Jesus wherever they go.

We are YOUNG, UNITED, & PURPOSED, and we believe we are called to impact our student community.

When Do Students Meet?

Wednesday Nights • 7:30-9pm
Doors open at 7pm

Wednesday Night is the FRONT DOOR for students to get connected. Each week our students come together for a worship experience created just for them. There’s a relevant message, plus an opportunity to hang out and meet new friends and space to build relationships.

Our Junior High and High School students worship together for about 20 minutes before separating for the teaching and small groups. We do this so each age group experiences an environment designed for their current stage of life and maturity.

Questions? Just Ask!

What Are Small Groups?

This is our bread and butter. We believe that spiritual growth happens best in the context of relationships, and small groups give our students the best chance to develop those relationships with a group leader and other students.

At Neighborhood Church, we believe that circles are better than rows. Life change happens when we turn our lives to face each other.

For this reason, our students participate in Groups every Wednesday night.

Groups are designed to do two things:

• connect students to awesome leaders
• connect students to other students

As the group leaders and students build relationships, the group dynamics will lead to growth in the life of a student.

Our group leaders plan monthly events geared toward developing deeper relationships outside of Wednesday nights. Some events are community service related. Others are just about having fun with leaders and friends.

The more great people a student has in their lives, the more they will know God, be known by others, and be inspired to live like Jesus.